Curate Memorable Corporate Holiday Gifts for Your Clients and Teams

What is the best client or team gift you’ve ever received? 

One of the best client gifts I have ever received was a gift box from one of my employers with a notebook, pen, calendar-view sticky pad, and some motivational stickers. It was so cute. I was able to use the notebook to plan my day at work with a to-do list every morning, and the stickers were just beautiful—they inspired me on the days I was not feeling motivated.

 As the holiday season approaches, now is the time for you to consider gifts for your long-term clients and customers as well as your employees. Let’s look at why to give gifts, specific gift ideas, and how to give a memorable gift this holiday season.

Why Give Holiday Gifts to Long-term Clients or your teams? 

Many say that the bottom line is the key measure of success in the business world. But, as you know, people, especially clients who have seen your vision and trusted you to help them, are essential to that bottom line. Moreover, those of you who are entrepreneurs, business or health and wellness coaches, therapists, photographers, etc. naturally prioritize relationships in every area of business.

You want to take every opportunity to show your clients, teams and customers how important they are to you. When you give holiday gifts to them you communicate your appreciation for them and strengthen your personal connection to them. The same is true for your team members.

 Of course, when you give a gift, you’ll feel good, too, because you have demonstrated that you are grateful to them for the role they’ve played in your business over time.

Holiday Gift Ideas  

What is the best holiday gift to give long-term clients or loyal employees? Here are a some suggestions:

#1  Send a Holiday Card 

Using a picture that features you or your entire staff in holiday attire, send a holiday card that expresses your appreciation and wishes your client the best in the new year. This card serves as thank you and a reminder to call on you for their future needs. For your team members, it shows that you are grateful, and the picture captures the good year you’ve had working together.

#2 Feature on your Blog or Social Media 

Through the holiday season, take time to feature all your long-term clients on your blog or social media platforms. You can use a picture of you together or of your client. Describe how you helped them and how much you enjoyed working with them.

 Similarly,  you can feature team members, giving both fun facts about them and detailing the way they support your business.

#3 Host an Appreciation Event 

Either at your office or in a rented space, plan a holiday party focused on customer appreciation. This is a way to celebrate together while honoring your working relationship. 

For your employees and team members, a holiday party can be a bonding experience and a lot of fun, especially if you set aside some “business hours” for the festivities.

#4 Deliver a Meaningful Holiday Gift 

Finally, another great option is to pick the perfect gift for clients or employees and show your gratitude with something tangible. 

Want to Make Your Gifts for Clients Memorable? 

At Wellness Bliss Box, we know the power and beauty of gifting. We also know that time, especially at the end of the year, is a precious commodity. That is why we offer curated gift boxes that you can give your long-term clients and employees. We have done the work of selecting artisanal gifts and packaging them for you.

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Each box has an assortment of gifts and you can add a personal message for the recipient. When you give a Wellness Bliss Box, you are giving more than a gift, you are giving a memory.

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