5 Tips to onboarding new clients for a coach

Whether it is in the area of business, healthcare, wellness, fitness, or mindset, the relationship between a coach and client develops over time. There are many elements that result in a successful and worthwhile coaching-client experience. Maybe none are more important, however, than getting them onboarded on their entrepreneurial journey.

One of the best experience was when I signed up for a monthly membership coaching program with a business coach. Everything was so organized from the portal link, to Facebook group to getting the questions to her prior to the hot seat calls to getting a lovely gift with personalized message on the notecard from her to get me started on the right direction as an entrepreneur.

When clients seek out a coach, it shows that they are aware of their need for help and have a desire to grow and scale personally or in their business. Coaches can use this openness to provide a meaningful onboarding experience that sets a positive tone from the start.

Successful Onboarding 

 Let’s look at some essential elements for onboarding a new client.

 #1 Communicate Your Expectations as a Coach

Once a client has committed to you as a coach, communicate your expectations immediately. As much as you are able, do this in writing. How often will you meet? Will it be in person or virtual? What if either the coach or client can’t make a scheduled meeting? How will fees be billed and collected? Will there be homework between meetings? How often will you evaluate progress? Is there a time frame for how long you will work together or is it open-ended?

 Get everyone on the same page as soon as possible.

 #2 Listen to the Clients Needs

A key part of the onboarding process is to listen to the clients needs and goals. Lots of ideas may have been thrown around during the initial process to establish this coach-client relationship. Now, it’s time to drill down to the client’s specific expectations.  

 This can be done through conversation, a survey, or a form with open-ended questions. 

 #3 Anticipate Roadblocks 

Once a coach has gathered all this information, she might notice some potential obstacles during the onboarding process. If so, address them now by asking more questions and speaking honestly about what you see. It is important to not overlook these items, which might grow into bigger barriers over time.

 #4 Make a Plan 

After both the coach and the client have had an opportunity to share their intentions, hopes, and needs, the next step for successful onboarding is to develop a concrete plan with short-term milestones and long-term goals. Both coach and client should be in full agreement with the plan. If so, both will bring energy, enthusiasm, and their best self into the process, ensuring the best results going forward.

 #5 Set the Tone with a Client Gift 

Finally, coaches, there is one more thing you can do to welcome your new client and set the tone for a good working relationship: give your new client an onboarding gift. This gift should reflect the values of the coach and show how thankful you are for the opportunity to work with a new client. This gift also demonstrates the coach’s commitment to their client. 


Want to Make Your Clients’ Onboarding Memorable? 

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